“Oman today is not Oman of the past. Its gloomy face has brightened and it has shaken off the dust of isolation and stagnation and opened its gates and windows for the new light to bring this country into direct contact with the outside world so that it may react positively to development and the course of events.” (H.M.Sultan Qaboos Bin Sayid)

Omani Lifestyle :The Omanis enjoy a culture that is unique in the Arab world. Great traders and fishermen, they have sailed the seas to Africa, India and the orient for over a thousand years and the traditions of the country reflects this rich heritage. Most Omanis speak Arabic with English as a second language, but friendship is the lingua franca here and friendly smiles will greet you everywhere. Omanis have a deep sense of courtesy and respect for others.A traditional commitment to Islam is Oman’s lifestyle. Loyalty and honesty are the ethics of Life. The family values are very highly regarded in the society. The importance of women is very prominent in the family as well as in the government.

Events & Activities :There is something for everyone in Oman. You can swim, scuba dive, go sailing or fishing, go camping in the mountains or on the beaches. You can watch bullfights(bloodless) or camel races or even ride a camel yourself. For the more adventourous, there is rock climbing or cave exploring, camping out in the rocky wadis or the magnificient dunes of the Wahiba sands, or exploring wild offshore islands. There is golf and all the major hotels have pools and tennis courts and can arrange for tours.
Sun, Sea & Sand :Oman’s pride is its splendid coastline with long stretches of sandy beaches. There are shells to examine and rocky coves to explore and the water is always warm. Sailboats can be rented at the beach hotels and marinas and tourism groups can provide for offshore cruising, fishing and scuba diving.
Shopping : From Designer clothing to traditional Omani garments, Oman offers something for every taste. The souks have handicrafted jewellery and antiques and colourful array of products and foodstuffs imported from all over the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Merchants expect to haggle and there are bargains everywhere.

History : The Civilization of Oman is thousands of year old. Oman has a vast wealth of historical informations and facts. There are more than 500 forts and towers in Oman today which bear witness to the glorious past that this country had.


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